La Bassine Professional Birth Pool

The Professional Birthing Pool. By popular demand, this pool has been designed as a longer term investment for the professionals amongst us. The Original La Bassine Birth pool is great but was never designed for multi use, where as this pool has been created to suit the needs and pockets of carers of birthing women.

  • Guaranteed for one year or minimum 10 births! (Workmanship and quality only, this does not cover damage or misuse)
  • Made from 0.55mm vinyl (30% stronger then our regular La Bassine birthing pool)
  • Purple in colour to differentiate the pro pool from the standard pools
  • Custom designed liners available, that come with a gusset for the handles, enabling liners to be used without compromising one of the key features of the pool.
  • Measures External – 165cm X 135cm X 65cm
  • Internal – 125 cm x 95 cm
  • Holds 450 litres of water
  • Eco-friendly vinyl – no phthalates, lead or cadmium
  • Ethically manufactured; no child, forced or underpaid labor
  • Upright air chambers – I-beam construction
  • Inflated floor – 5cm thick
  • Large inflating air valves
  • Shape is oval
  • Colour is solid dark purple
  • Has two interior handles
  • Has 2 patch repair kits
  • Comes with carrying case

Liners for the La Bassine Professional Birth Pool can be purchased separately

Download our Birth Pool Comparison Chart (PDF 74kb)


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