FAQ – Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool

Is the Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool right for me?
If you and your baby are healthy, and your midwife has not raised any concerns about the suitability of using warm water during labour or birth, then an Eco Birth Pool can provide you with the perfect solution for comfort in labour and the option of having a waterbirth. If you want a partner to join you in the pool, they can with the larger size pool.

What is the temperature of the water?
Water should be at a temperature that is comfortable for the mother, usually under 36 degrees celsius. Water temperature should not exceed 37 degrees celsius as it could lead to an increase in the mother’s body temperature which could cause the baby’s heart rate to increase. It is a good idea to have plenty of water to drink and cold cloths for the mother’s face and neck. A cool facial mist from a spray bottle is a welcome relief for some mothers as well.

Do I need a liner?
In short, No you don’t need a liner. The use of liners is misleading and it doesn’t provide a better solution for hygiene, unless using the pool multiple times, and even then, there is a simpler method! The liners are also an expensive addition to your birth pool costing $38.00 extra. We do recommend liners for Professional pools.

A liner does not provide a sterile environment. It is no different to the pool itself. Both will have residues of oils from the manufacturer, and so there is no benefit of having a liner. We suggest using a diluted sterilising solution, such as Milton, to wash the insides of the pool before filling with water – if you wish to clean your pool prior to use.

Liners also inhibit the use of internal handles and form uncomfortable and unsightly creases detracting from the calm pool environment.

The argument of a liner providing an extra barrier between the water and your room is poor, as a liner could not contain the water in the eventuality of a puncture in the pool. The Aquaborn Eco birth pool is thicker and stronger than other inflatable birth pools, so you are not likely to get any sort of puncture anyway. In the remote instance that the pool did puncture, due to its unique design of slow deflate chambers, it would contain the water giving you plenty of time to exit and drain the pool.

How long does it take to inflate the Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool?
It takes 4 minutes to inflate the Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool using the electric inflate pump. The pool is also super quick to inflate due to having two large chambers and extra big inflation valves.

My friend has said I can use her Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool. What are the issues in doing this?
When an Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool is sold, the warranty is valid for one year and the first purchaser only. If you choose to use an Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool which has been used before, you do so at your own risk. In this eventuality we strongly suggest you clean the pool carefully and check for any deterioration in the materials (particularly if it has been stored for a long time).

How many chambers does the pool have?
The Eco birth pool has two main chambers and a floor chamber. The upper ring can be easily deflated and inflated in the event of a mother finding it difficult to enter and exit the pool. The lower chamber has vertical struts which give it immense strength and dramatically slow deflation in the unlikely event of a puncture.

How strong is the pool?
Aquaborn pride themselves on developing the strongest inflatable birthing pool available. Aquaborn single use pools are made out of 0.42mm thick eco vinyl, and the unique structure of the pool adds to its strength. The vertical inflation struts makes it possible for a 15 stone person to stand on the side of the pool without the structure giving or spilling water. Due to the thickness of the material, a puncture is highly unlikely.

How long will it take to fill?
It depends on your hot water system. Anywhere between 35 minutes and 2 hours (if you have a very small hot water tank).

What temperature should the water be?
This is largely down to personal choice. During labour, some women would prefer the water warmer, but in later stages may require it to be cooler. It is generally felt between 36-37 degrees is best for birth. Someone should always be on hand to make adjustments to water temperature.

How do I keep the water warm?
Using an inflatable birth pool has many benefits over a solid construction hire pool; one of the benefits is that the air filled chambers insulate the warm water. The Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool range comes with an inflatable lid which further insulates the water, leaving it significantly warm for 24 hrs!

If after 36 hours you have not used your pool, we recommend that you refill your pool with fresh warm water.

How deep is the pool?
The pool is 68cm deep, allowing the pool to be filled to 64cm. This gives you slightly deeper water than other birth pools brands. The reason for this is so that mothers can more easily kneel in the pool whilst keeping their pelvis submerged, and the midwife does not have to bend as much when assisting during the 3rd stage of labour. Also, we want to keep all of the water in the pool. The last thing you need is to worry about water spillages in labour, so slightly higher sides can avoid spills and keep mum less stressed.

How many handles does it have?
Aquaborn pools have provided 6 large and strong handles. Two on top, two on the outer side and two inside. These can assist you in many different labour and birthing positions, including on your knees, which is common and effective, yet not catered for by other birthing pools.

Will I need extra padding/cushioning?
No. The pool floor is 8.5cm deep and so is extremely comfortable. The pool sides are also comfortable and warm.

How do I get in and out of the pool?
The best method is to sit on the side of the pool and swing your legs over one at a time. A handle can be used to assist with this. We only suggest a foot stool is used if the mother uses it in conjunction with the ‘sit and swing’ method, not to stand and step, as this may be dangerous.

Can you put a heater in the pool?
You should not put a pool heater in the birth pool.

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